In the meantime, we have been welcoming A2 in India on 8th of August. The exact version of A2 dubbed as 6X in China launched already. This time there are some changes compared to its predecessor A1. In this article, we are going to highlight those changes and show you what’s upgraded.

On  August 8th, Mi is going to drop another Android One Smartphone and it is going to be their 2nd Android One Smartphone. Our first impression for this device, made us feel like it’s premium segment smartphone. It’s sleek, beautifully crafted and rocks the design. We will show you What Get Changed in Mi A2 and if It is worth the upgrade?

What’s Changed in Mi A2?

  1. The camera on Mi A1 never let us down. The portrait and ability to capture details was much better at the price offered by them. However, Mi A2 rocks again with the Dual Camera system but this time arranged vertically with Dual-LED flash but removed the Dual Tone. I hope they don’t need one this time. The shooters are 20MP + 12MP with an aperture of 1.75 that means Mi A2 is the lot better in terms of low-light photography than its predecessor.
  2. Another change is the display. Mi A2 now gets 5.99" display with 18:9 aspect ratio. Therefore, Mi A2 gives you a full view display.
  3. New Snapdragon 660, efficient, faster and reliable. Takes the performance to a whole new level.
  4. On the front, you get the 20MP shooter and LED flash. It can be a good selfie phone too.
  5. As compared to Mi A1, unfortunately, Mi A2 doesn’t support external storage by Micro SD card. There is only a Dual-Sim card slot and not a hybrid one as in Mi A1.
  6. Apart from removing external storage, they also ditched the headphone jack which is not quite expected from Xiaomi so far. You need to go for wireless headphones or just use the weird Type-C to 3.5mm Jack everytime for plugging headphones.
  7. The good thing is that now it officially supports Quick Charge 4.0 and introduced a new colour that is Blue.

Is It Worth The Upgrade?

Definitely, it is. If you’re totally planning to move from some other budget phone you’re using right now then, of course, it is worth the upgrade. It is also a good move from Mi A1. You get a larger screen, better camera and performance. Having a hard time playing those trendy and heavy games like PubG? Then it’s for you. Grab it this August 8th and there will be nothing to regret about.

Real Life Performance:

It performed really well and more than we expected. There was no lag at all in the user interface. We also found no issues like excess heating or lags while playing heavy 3D games including Asphalt 8, pubG and many more. 

The device felt premium in hands with those curved corners and beautiful 18:9 display. The camera setup looks like one in iPhone X. The feel of stock Android on it makes it almost a completely awesome smartphone. The black one looks pretty classy. 

Camera Samples:

The camera performed really well. The dynamic range, colour production and exposure. The only thing is a slight lag in the shutter. We can’t get hands to test out its camera but we have a got a link to Android Central to cover up the Camera Sample part.

Check out here

Do let us know if you’re upgrading to Mi A2 and what is your opinion on this. 

Bonus: Mi A2 is going to be the Amazon exclusive. Get it on August 8th on Amazon. :)