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Savage WhatsApp Status With Images:

  • Princess, No Bitch. Queen!

Funny WhatsApp Quotes:

  1. I used to think I was indecisive, but now I’m not too sure.
  2. Doing nothing is hard, you never know when you’re done.
  3. If two wrongs don’t make a right, try three.
  4. I am not lazy, I am on energy saving mode.
  5. Life is short, smile while you still have teeth.
  6. A balanced diet means a cupcake in each hand.
  7. Maybe you should eat some makeup so you can be pretty on the inside too.
  8. I’m not shy, I’m holding back my awesomeness so I don’t intimidate you.
  9. Sorry for the mean, awful, accurate things I said.
  10. I’m sorry, if you were right, I’d agree with you.
  11. If you think nobody cares if you’re alive, try missing a couple of payments.
  12. The more you weight the harder you are to kidnap. Stay safe, eat cake.
  13. The less you respond to negative people, the more peaceful your life will become
  14. Why be moody, when yo can shake yo booty?
  15. You inspire my inner serial killer.
  16. Life goes on with or without you
  17. I’m in love with cities I’ve never been to and people I’ve never met
  18. Jobs fill your pocket but adventures fill your soul
  19. Catch flights, not feelings
  20. Keep your heels, head, and standard high
  21. My relationship status? Netflix, Oreos, and sweatpants
  22. I’d take a NERF bullet for you
  23. I am a daydreamer and a night thinker.
  24. My head is not a good place. Trust me, you don’t want to know.
  25. Late nights, deep thoughts, good music.
  26. Be the type of person who leaves the mark, not scar.
  27. If you want me in your life, put me there. I shouldn’t be fighting for the spot.
  28. I am at least somebody’s perfect!
  29. I’m actually not funny. I’m just really mean and people think I’m joking.
  30. A great girl is classy, not trashy.
  31. Don’t mistake silence for weakness. Smart people don’t plan big moves out loud.
  32. Zombies eat the brain. Don’t worry you’re safe.
  33. A real lover is a man who can thrill you by kissing on your forehead.
  34. I never craved attention until I tasted yours.
  35. Just because I don’t react doesn’t mean I didn’t notice.
  36. Be tough-minded, but tenderhearted.
  37. Clever as Devil. Twice as Pretty.
  38. No Guts, No Glory. No Legend, No Story.
  39. We always eat lies when our hearts are hungry
  40. So Dark, So Deep. The secrets you keep.
  41. Nobody is too busy. It’s just a matter of priority.
  42. I act like summer, walks like rain.
  43. Stay Strong, I whispered to my Wi-Fi signal.
  44. In the middle of my chaotic bio, there is you!
  45. Keep me safe, I’ll keep you wild.
  46. The more you’re able to hear when you’re quiet enough.
  47. Feed your own EGO. I’m busy.
  48. I win a no-win situation by rewriting rules.

Cool WhatsApp Quotes:

Everything is changing. People are taking the comedians seriously and the politicians as a joke. Will Rogers

I have always noticed that people will never laugh at anything that is not based on truth. Will Rogers

I came from a real tough neighborhood. Once a guy pulled a knife on me. I knew he wasn’t a professional, the knife had butter on it. Rodney Dangerfield

When I was a kid my parents moved a lot, but I always found them. Rodney Dangerfield

That’s why they call it the American Dream, because you have to be asleep to believe it. George Carlin

If you’re too open-minded; your brains will fall out. Lawrence Ferlinghetti

A pessimist is a man who thinks everybody is as nasty as himself, and hates them for it. George Bernard Shaw

I like long walks, especially when they are taken by people who annoy me. Fred Allen

Is ‘ugh’ an emotion? Because I fell it all the time.

I’m not shy, I’m holding back my awesomeness so I don’t intimidate you.

If you are lonely, dim all lights and put on a horror movie. After a while it won’t feel like you are alone anymore.

I don’t weigh myself because most scales don’t know how heavy all the grudges im holding onto are. t

“Fries or salad?” sums up every adult decision you have to make.

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