SEO? Are you familiar with this word? I hope you do and that is why you landed here. We also know you’re a beginner so we’ll make you understand how and what SEO can do to our blogs from scratch. Reading this article carefully until the end will give you all the important information about SEO. Grab a cup of coffee and sit back. Let’s begin. I know reading articles are boring and make you pretty much like the girl below. Hit like if you agree. xD

Before you act like the girl above, I’ll let you know that I narrowed the article so that it will be easier for you to read and understand at the same time.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. What it does is simply let your website optimized for getting it to the top on Search Engine ranking so that it can fetch you more organic traffic.

For example, I’ve a query to search on Google. Let’s say I wanted to Google about “How to French Kiss?" I open my search engine i.e, Google and obviously type in the query. The first link appears is ranked higher on Google due to good SEO optimizations. That’s how optimising SEO on your site works. Your site will rank higher in search engines.

How to SEO optimize your Blog/Website?

While SEO optimising your website, there are many things that need to be looked at. Here is the list you should check and if it is optimised then congratulations your website is fully optimised for SEO.

  • Before writing an article or a blog post, think about what you’re going to tell your readers. Plan it accordingly as it should give your readers something they want and the thing you want them to achieve. It makes a better understanding and they might revisit your site often.
  • Make sure you used good keywords for your topic. Research on keyword using Google’s Free Keyword Planner online. Using low competition keywords is much helpful sometimes.
  • Adding content regularly tells Search Engines that your site is alive. Posting regularly allows the search engine to crawl your website often.
  • Try to optimize your length of the content or article. It should be a minimum of 400 words. Big articles often take away interests from readers. You should at least stop around 700 words at maximum.
  • Heading plays a major role while writing a good article. Make sure the word in the heading is also included in Body and Search Description of the article. Use and repeat it wisely as many of them might lead to making your article unreadable.
  • Using paragraphs makes your article looks clean, but do not make paragraphs just for it. Every paragraph should convey a message or a goal.
  • Also, use a body structure for Articles. The article should be starting from Introduction, then to Body (Main Message), and then Summarisation (The things you have covered in Article).
  • Use Social Networking to make a strong bond and gather the audience. Link the Social networking pages inside your blog so that people can follow you and stay connected to what you post in the meantime.

I have covered all the things required to optimise SEO. However, I’ve not discussed the technical points of the SEO optimisation. I am planning to write an article on the technical points of SEO optimisation in the coming time soon. If you have any query regarding the SEO optimisation then you can always ping me up on any Social sites or leave me a comment on the article so that I can respond to you sooner.