Are you facing difficulties while updating Aadhaar Address? Is it rejected by BPO service provider? It’s a common issue in India where people face this difficulty. There are many enrollment centres and MeeSeva but are almost crowded or charge you money for updating.

In this article, I will show you “How to update Aadhaar Address Online” from home.

Before beginning, there are some things to be required or else you cannot update it online and the only way left is to visit your nearest enrollment centre.

Those who applied for Aadhar card by giving their mobile numbers can update an address online. As while updating address you will be sent an OTP (One Time Password) at the registered mobile number to access your Aadhaar data.

Steps To Update Aadhaar Address

  1. Keep your Aadhaar Card, The mobile with the registered phone number & POA (Proof of Address). You can find the list of POA here. You can consider any one of the POA’s listed.
  2. Visit UIDAI AADHAR UPDATE to put your Aadhaar Card number and generate OTP (One Time Password) for logging in.
  3. You will be taken to step 2, where you will be filling in the new address. After filling address in English, check and read the same in the transliteration boxes. Make sure they are spelt and pronounced same as in English if not then make some tweaks in English to match it with your local language.
  4. Now you’re taken to step 3, where you have to upload and submit the POA (Proof Of Address). Make sure to take a colour xerox of original documents and then self-attest it. After that, scan the document using the scanner or the app CamScanner available on PlayStore & AppStore. Find the sample document attached below. **__**
  5. After uploading, go to next step and choose your BPO Service provider. Choose any one of them either Aiges (or) Karvy. You can decide between them by looking at the graph given below them. Choose the one with less responds time to get your aadhar address updated in less than a week. Mine took just 28 hours to update, I used Karvy as it is the only available BPO provider for local language Telegu.
  6. You’ll be given the URN number. Download the PDF or Print it. The URN number is useful in checking the status of Updation. You can check your status here.

I covered the whole tutorial on how to update Aadhaar card address online in this article. I wrote this article in a clear and open way to avoid any kind of rejection. You should follow each step carefully. I have written the important statement in BOLD letters in steps.

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