Do you ever want to know about starting your own blog and getting it popular on the internet? That’s normal as everyone does think of it once. We’ve seen or maybe some of you already know that it needs a really good time and hard work on it? Isn’t it?According to me, I didn’t have a hard time setting up my blog however, you need to work hard to come with some great post that would fetch you good traffic organically. You don’t always have to share it up everywhere to get readers to read it and the one who doesn’t even have an interest in what you write. That happened to me when I first started blogging. To be honest, this is one the reason why I had to drop my first blog and start all fresh completely from scratch.

Failure is not what makes you stop from doing what you love. Afterall, it ignites you even harder to work for it. ~ Mohammed Emad

Why We Love Blogging?

We have a great list to tell you on this topic yet we will keep it short and sweet. Let’s begin.

  • Blogging is a great part of the interaction. It helps you reach the audience and show your talent you have rather than hiding and keeping it to yourself. There are tons of people wanting something you could do.
  • Bloggers learn many things other than all other normal human does in their lives. They learn and keep learning. They improve skills, such as Writing Skills, Business & Marketing Skills, Social Media Skills and so on.
  • With all sets of skills, they become a good blogger. They tend to join the competition. In this case, they receive traffic. People start loving their work and show them, love. Finally, this traffic can mean them a lot. They convert it into money. They advertise on their blogs.
  • Blogging is interesting. It is a kind of entertainment where you get entertained and entertain people with your piece of writing. You can use a bit of sarcasm, fun, jokes and whatever you like to. There’s nothing like to be formal or personal while writing a post. If people enjoy your stuff then you can be doing that or else drop it.
  • In blogging, we don’t any kind of restriction. We don’t need to follow others in order to gain popularity. You can be unique as you are in real life and gain it yourself with your humour. It’s as simple as that.

That’s all, we love blogging and maybe you should also be loving it. Get yourself started now!

It’s never too late to start anything, trust me it’s going to be big one day! Just wait and watch. ~ Mohammed Emad

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