We all know Apple and its security. Sometimes, it feels like there nothing comparable to Apple’s security. As we know, we have bad peoples too in this world. They want to make use of your Devices, Data for their benefits. There are thousands of iPhones being stolen in the day to day lives.

Apple has been introducing many features to it’s most advanced Mobile Operating System iOS to end or at least prevent the cases of theft.

Practically, they are currently working on this feature in iOS 11.4 Beta.

How does this feature work?

If you haven’t logged in to your Apple ID from the device for straight 7 days, then the lightning connector will be disabled for connecting to PC. 

Let me give you a quick example,

Suppose your iPhone is stolen, the data on it is important or either confidential then you didn’t need to worry about it. In some cases, a thieve would able to fetch the data using Computers. Therefore, to prevent this case the lightning connector will be disabled if you didn’t log in the Apple ID on iPhone for straight 7 days. The thieve would be only able to charge the device but can’t connect it to PC.

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