Hello, everyone. I’m writing this article for everyone out there who wants to improve their English and its skills. There are a lot of people struggling with this language either in having formal or informal conversations. Even if it is not your mother tongue, it can be improved as much as your mother tongue. The only thing is to set up a goal and go for it. Everything is possible if you work hard on achieving it.

I am afraid that I’m not able to guide you to learn or improve English from scratch but I’m able to give you some of the important tips for improving your English. It is the language used almost everywhere in the world. It also plays a major role in professional careers.

Let’s not waste time, as time is money. We’ll move on to those important tips I mentioned above. I was once a beginner too, I learnt and improved my English with the tips I’m giving here. I’m not going to give you lectures on it anyway.


Let me share some of my secrets which helped me in improving my English so far as of 2018. I’m still improving but here I think I’m eligible to give you some tips on it.

  1. Read****ing:- Do you hate that? Well, I don’t think you would be able to improve your English without that. The more you read, the greater you’re able to make your vocabulary vast.
  2. Listening: Songs? Movies? Podcasts? YES! Not explicit, you don’t have to learn and use it in most cases. It also helps you in getting your vocabulary vast. I listen to English Music and watch English movies too. I teach myself the English used around the world. I also don’t really mix BritishAmerican English. They both are different. But, your vocabulary improves you see. It also enhances your wrong pronunciation of words you already know.
  3. Talking: Everything, in theory, doesn’t make sense. You should be practical too. When you speak, it has a different impact than reading or listening. You should be talking in English anytime possible to make sure it is error-free.
  4. Proper Usage: Every language is spoken or written in either formal or informal. You should learn to switch between them and use them wherever necessary.
  5. Practice: Difficulties with some words? Search for their pronunciation online. Try Grammarlyas your extension in Google Chrome Browsers or install their app from PlayStore or App Store. Learn the mistakes you made.


Grammar & Vocabulary are equally important in written as well as oral part of communication in the English language. Punctuation also takes part in written form.

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