Did you just expect me that I’ll not rejoice you throughout the article? Well, that’s important because the people might be reading this article may get bored. Anyway, let’s get started with the topic I actually made you come here for.

Keeping it all simple, I’m just going to give or state some of the Pros & Cons of rooting your android device. To be honest, for the sake of keywords I’m telling you some of the popular devices such as Samsung Galaxy S series, Sony Xperia Z series and many other Android Tablets.

Pros (Advantages):-

  1. It helps you in customizing your phone in the more advanced way. It basically helps you installing different ROMS or access system files to customize things like Sounds, Starting Logo, etc.
  2. Rooting your phone also helps you in uninstalling all bloatware (The Apps which you don’t use often) application you get pre-installed on your device. 
  3. It allows you test WiFi security with many applications which are made for it requires root access. Basically, it helps you to hack into a WiFi network. (Educational Purpose Only)
  4. Any Linux fan out there? Well, Rooting your phone can help you in running Linux OS on it.
  5. Overclocking? Heard of it? It even allows you to do it so you get a maximum performance out of your device. Pretty much, it kills battery too easily.
  6. You can block certain websites on your device by editing Host files present in system file which requires root.
  7. You can change Wi-Fi MAC Addresses.
  8. Short of RAM? Is your device already laggy? You can actually make some more RAM with your SD Card. That’s great right.
  9. It helps you run the Cheat Engines to cheat in games by increasing coins and stuff like that. That’s crazy fun!

Cons (disadvantages):-

  1. More security related issues will pop up. 
  2. The system file you have access to can be dangerous if anything related to OS is deleted even by mistake can Corrupt and brick your device.
  3. Many applications on the Google PlayStore which is related to Banking especially doesn’t allow you to proceed further with your rooted device by giving a warning inside the app.
  4. New Phone? Rooting VOIDS YOUR WARRANTY but this issue is when it is related to software thing. Cracked screen? You can claim the warranty.
  5. No official updates from your manufacturer will be sent to you. That is OTA updates for the software that is Android L, M, N & so on.

That’s it. If you’re brave enough or a hardcore fun gamer then root your device and enjoy it. However, make sure you don’t mess with system settings and adware you get online while browsing.  

Also, don’t forget to share your opinion down below in the comment box. If you like it, then share it with your friends and family. Peace!