Are you aware of SEO Agency out there? If not, then let me tell you that they provide SEO services. Basically, SEO is the short form of Search Engine Optimization. It is necessary for all those who earn an income with their websites or blogs by sharing information or something which can attract people to their site.

SEO plays a major role in promoting websites or blog. For example, you currently own a website but it’s not SEO optimized. Let’s say, it is not available for the people out there browsing on Search Engines such as Google, Bing, Yandex and so on. How it is supposed to reach the people out there that need this content you have on your website right now?

Here’s the trick, the SEO make sure that it is well indexed into Search Engine so that people browsing can get your site listed in the Searches they do. In this way, we tend to get a lot more traffic on our site on daily basis.

SEO Optimization is not a big deal, however, they’re certain things you should be keeping in mind which can make your website more optimized for Search Engines. SEO Agency does the same which you can do too.

Things you should be keeping in mind for making your Website Search Engine Optimized:

  1. Size of the page. You should optimize the size of the page to increase the loading speed of your website. People tend to leave the website if it is usually slower than 5 seconds (Average Website Loading time). You should look more into Compression of HTML. Check out SEO score at one of this site.
  2. Images on your website drive traffic too. Did you know? All you have to do is give the image ALT description after uploading it to your website. Therefore, it will help others in searching the topic or content they need with images on your website.
  3. Perfect Meta tag and description often optimize your site perfectly. The way Google Index your website and preview it to other makes the first impression. You should definitely work harder on the first impression, right? Decide yourself.
  4. Next big thing again is Keyword. Never underestimate the power of keywords. The only thing which drives traffic in even hundreds of thousands is the keyword. The keyword density is planned on Google’s Keyword Planner. Use it next time to check the density of each keyword in your post and drop it so that you will be receiving a lot more traffic on your website.
  5. Broken links? Who wants it anyway? Something you’re curious about and this 404: Not Found happens is just annoying. You should fix all those broken links lying on your website. If you’re providing download links from your website then you must regularly check and update it.

This is all you need to be optimizing your blog or website. You can also signup for some affiliate networks where they pay for engagements and selling of their products to earn extra income with traffic on your blog. You can also take help from thousands of SEO Agency in India. Choose one wisely.

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