Uhh, hey, Do you track down websites you’re visiting on daily basis? Many of us, don’t do it. They just visit two of them and that could be either Facebook or Twitter.

But, wait. We’re here to show you some of the websites you should visit daily to shoot up your knowledge for sure. The more you read, the more intelligent you become. It might be the life-changing habit for many of our readers out there.

The 10 Magical Websites You Should Visit Daily

  1. Quora: It is one of the best Q&A sites on the internet. Take a minute to follow me up there! If you love to read then it’s the best place to grab the knowledge from all experienced people out there writing their stories around. This place is also for writers, who love to write. They can write and gain popularity well really easy if they are humorous writers! Cheers! Create an account for yourself there and never regret it.
  2. BBC: You should always know what’s happening in the world. It’s always great to keep knowledge of things going on around the world. BBC here plays a major role to keep you updated on what’s really happening in the world. They let you know everything. You just need to visit them and read the news.
  3. YouTube: A long tiring day? People often come here to relax and get entertainment through videos uploaded to YouTube. They either search up for movies, Vlogs, and Music. Apart from this, YouTube can teach you a lot of other educational things to learn in your life. The right thing you’ve to do is find the right channel to subscribe and receive their videos right away with notifications! Cool, right?
  4. THN: Popularly known as TheHackerNews. The cyber and security-related news sharing website on the Internet. Not all people would love this site, but many of the geeks out there would love to know what’s happening in the cyber world. The bug finders and more such people out there would definitely want to go there and read!
  5. LifeHacker: All life hacks, tips and tricks collection on the internet. You’ll find easy hacks to save you plenty of time in your day to day life. Life Hacker can also play a major role in your life so it’s no big deal in visiting it daily to learn such tips and tricks.
  6. TheVerge: Billions of people and around trillions of SmartPhones in this world lying around. Every people now have access to smartphones and gadgets. The Verge is an ultimate news provider of all smartphone and gadget related things. From updates to new gadgets getting released every year. Keep yourself up to date with (The Verge)!
  7. Reddit: How can we miss the front page of the internet? It is the best social news provider among all. From Web Content rating to getting rated yourself. It is also most visited for funniest memes around the World Wide Web! xD
  8. Instagram: Everyone might know it. The online photograph sharing site which is now used for many purposes. Advertising to Models! Everyone is now on Instagram. A picture says a thousand words, therefore Instagram never disappointed us to put it on our list. All you’ve to do is follow the right people or organisation to get latest updates from. You can also advertise on Instagram.
  9. Twitter: This tweeting thing is legit. The big companies and celebrities often share their status or upcoming events via tweets. Even the big news channels share the news via tweets! These are enough to know why you wanted to visit it every day! Tweet this article too and share some love with us! *Wink Wink*
  10. Bored: Yes, it’s true that many people are bored in a matter of time. If you happen to be surfing and don’t know what to surf and getting bored. Well, Bored come to the rescue. There are 100 of games available to kill on time and enjoy. Time to kick the boring life out of your life and live your life pretty good! A tongue twister? Hell yeah! Well, I should also make sure that you won’t get bored reading my article and switch to Bored.

Ohh, No! I lost a visitor! Damn it. If you didn’t go yet, then hey I appreciate the time you gave us reading our article. Please take a little bit of your time and share this article with your friends and family and let us grow.