We all are looking for earning money online, are we? Some do as part-time while others rely online on their living. Those others are just a small number of people who have to set this up from many years of hard work. Relying on business online or working online is not all cup of tea. However, doing it as a part-time is a nice idea as it will be helpful after years working on it. You will also great things every day about online business and the way it works. The backbone of being successful in this field is the crowd. You need to gather the crowd who can visit your site for a purpose. The purpose is the second most important thing. It is what drives the crowd to your website. No one likes to pay a visit to anything on they don’t get anything.So, let’s begin with Affiliate Marketing Networks which pays higher amount per engagements.

  1. **Amazon Associates Program:

    **We all know Amazon and it’s an amazing success today. Recently, the CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos came up to the top list of the Richest Man in the World. The affiliate by Amazon is also a huge success and it pays almost much than any other affiliates online. Basically, you need to advertise products from Amazon and let them order it through your links. For example, your blog or website deals with fashion then you can advertise the cloth wears, apparel or anything related to fashion on your website via Amazon Affiliates. Whenever anything is purchased from your link, you will be given a fee of different percentages of the total revenue of the product ordered. The fees are mostly higher in either 10% or 12%. You can check the advertising fees here.

  2. **Bharat Matrimony Affiliate Program:

    **If you’re an Indian, then you might be heard about it. It is a matrimony website which serves the whole of India for searching bride or groom. They have zero investments and great payment returns. You can click it and check more information on their official site.

  3. **Shopify Affiliate:

    **It is an e-commerce website based in Canada. It also operates in India and has its affiliate program set up too. They pay usually much higher when you refer other merchants to their site for e-commerce trading. However, when they buy a certain plan you are paid upto $2000 per referral. Seems great right? Well, you can check it out and decide for yourself. Don’t get worried, you have plenty of options on how you can refer users to Shopify whether using your Website, Blog, YouTube Channel, or other Social Platforms.

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