What do you think of these companies which have been spending the huge amount of money on advertising here in India? Companies like, Vivo and Oppo come from the same parent company BBK Electronics.

While on the other hand, OnePlus come from the Oppo Electronics. However, these companies are same.  

In India, there has been a war between them as they are wholly different from each other. They do the advertisement across India with different ambassadors. Many people come to the conclusion that these three companies are different but it’s not.

Now we all know that these three companies have the same parent which is BBK Electronics.

Who Owns BBK Electronics?

BBK Electronics was introduced somewhere in the year 1990. Since then they have been working with various sections of Chinese Electronic Industry. It is run by a Billionaire Duan YongPing. It now owns factories spread over 10 hectares and with more than 17,000 employees.  

Founder of OPPO:

In the year 2004, Duan founded Oppo with Tony Chen as its CEO. However, Duan built it on his own experience in video market by selling DVDs and Blu-Ray Players, before moving it into the smartphone market.  

Founder of VIVO:

In the year 2009, Vivo was founded Duan and its CEO, Shen Wei. But, the first smartphone from Vivo was released in the year 2011 which mostly focus on making the smartphone with ultra-slim form factors. They made while relying on celebrity endorsements to capitalize the smartphone boom. In India, we can relate to it with Ranveer Singh promoting it.


One Plus, who founded it?

Well, it is familiar to western people. One Plus was not actually founded by Duan like Oppo and Vivo. It was instead founded by Former Vice President of Oppo, Pete Lau and Co-Founder Carl Pei in the year 2013.

Now, it is subsidiary of Oppo that means it is still owned by BBK Electronics. Keeping OnePlus on Premium side, it focused on online sale via Amazon which also helped them in entering European and US market.  

Keeping all aside, BBK Electronics have a strong marketing strategy. The Xiaomi being the best seller of the smartphone in India cannot surpass the manufacturing rate of Oppo and Vivo.

However, Huawei tops the list while Xiaomi stays at 13% while Huawei stays at 20%.   Enough for today, but wait, to keep reading post like this make sure you subscribe to our blog. You can also spread the love with your friends and family. We are growing.