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If you’re a player, then I am the Game.

Treat me like a King, I will treat you like a Queen. If you treat me like a game, I will show you how it’s played.

Procrastination got my grades dropped higher than the beats.

There is only stairs available to SUCCESS. No elevators. So, Patience.

I was cool but unfortunately Global Warming made me hot.

Want girls attention? Go and grab some Bently!

If you’re born poor it’s not your fault, if you died poor it’s your fault.

Syncing status, please wait.

Hey there! WhatsApp me!

I’m invisible. Watch out!

Attention: Hot Guy/Girl ahead!.

A ☕ addict, ✔Procrastinator, Gamer.

Check out my Face at FaceBook.

Reminder : WhatsApp was bought for $19 Billion.

Disclaimer: Stay out if you don’t like geeks.

A Blogger, ✔Internet Entrepreneur, and a YouTuber.

Chinese is easier than learning to use twitter.

Hey there! WhatsApp is using me.

I’m irregularly regular to school.

I’m jealous of my parents because I won’t be able to parent a kid like me.

iPhone: Yesterday’s technology and Tomorrow’s price. xD

Samsung : Lagging at it’s best. xD

I am so careless that I won’t make decision unless until it happens to be worse. #SpecialForTeens

My phone is my life. My heart stops beating before the phone even touch the ground. #Teen

“Follow me, I’ll follow you back” That’s what Instagram made for.

Ellie Goulding, Ariana Grande, Ahh.. LaFamilia

WhatsApp: Before, Pay penny each year. Now, No thanks we just need your time.

I love you the way you’re because you’re more cuter when you’re yourself.

Bitch, better have my money.

I will find you, I will WhatsApp you, and I will call you.

Turn down for who!

Status are the quotes about you. My status is Quote.

☕✔ - Text me for its meaning.

If procrastination was an Olympic event, I will compete in it later.

Hey there! I am Away.

Stop looking at other status, you will eventually copy it.

Life ain’t at WhatsApp. Go get a life.

Searching for a bae. Contact me if you have one.

Goodnight, Sweet dreams, I love you.

Wtf is Friday so near to Saturday and Saturday so far to Friday.

I fell in love on a first sight. It probably looks like I have great eyes.

Don’t laugh at your wife choice, one of them is you.

Call me, I will meet you. Hug me, I will kiss you. Think about me, I will dream you.

Lovely weather, Lovely day, Lovely Bae, Lovely life. What’s more?

Time is money. Bae is Honey.

Check my Rolex. It says I’m the man of the hour.

Rate me, out of 10

Hey there! You’re watching WhatsApp.

Hug me I’m desperate. Call me I’m famous.

Darkness causes accident. Accident causes children. Stay away from darkness.

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