Are you a hard core Gamer? Are you looking for good Gaming PC and confused at the same time? We are here for your rescue. In this article, we will be listing some of the greatest and amazing Gaming PC of all time that will eventually help you in choosing one and getting it right away. We will also be reviewing it enough to make you feel like its the one for you.

If you’re based in India, you may have hard time to get one of them. It will include shipping prices and custom as well for getting it in your country. You can however assemble it as all the parts used in the gaming PC below are available at Amazon India at different prices. It may or may not save you money but it comes handy and you can optimize it as per your needs. You can contact me for more information by those social media links.

  • Origin PCTHE NEW GENESIS Gaming Desktop PC

This PC is perfectly built with those aluminum exterior and steel frames with customizable 3mm tinted side panels. It comes with variable mounting technologies that includes your motherboard in 4 of the direction for easier airflow and easier port access. It has covers all over the ports to save you from dirt getting stuck. At the front, you get a front door and at the top again a door like thing with port beneath it.

It has great customizing opportunities. It offers lighting controls, USB Type-C and so on. 

Coming to specification wise, this bad ass PC doesn’t sacrifice the performance for the looks. It got single or 2-Way SLI Nvidia’s Dual 12GB Titan XP or other. Intel Core i9 18-cores or other. You also never need to worry about cooling this giant PC. It get cool by Cyrogenic Stage III Liquid Cooling. Comes with 4K Ready and VR for your better experience.

The performance of this PC must be the blazing fast apart from gaming it can do a lot more like rendering and streaming huge videos. 

Keeping all aside, the warranty and customer service offered by Origin is so cool that they’re available 24/7 and can be claimed from anywhere in the world.

  • Alienware Aurora R6

A Dell flagship premium PC dubbed in a name Alienware Aurora R6 which seems very cool to look. However, the performance of this rig is amazing. It is not that expensive to afford. It offer good specifications as it comes with Intel Core i5-7600K Overclocked@4GHz Quad-Core, 8GB DDR4 HyperX Fury @ 2667MHz, 1TB HDD @ 7200rpm and Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 1050Ti 4GB GDDR5.

We can conclude that this specification cannot be compromised by most of the games you might be playing on it. The Dell India offers a premium support and accidental 24/7 along with Microsoft Office and Home subscription and Anti-Virus subscription for a year. You can grab it online from Dell India for Rs 1,08,990 only.

  • MSI Trident 3

Heard of consoles? The small and portable thing where you put in DVD and play games on your big TV. Well, not only consoles but it can be your PC too. Introducing this legendary MSI’s Trident 3. It comes in just small factor like how consoles do but it’s a PC and you can’t underestimate its performance. You may have a look at it below.

More importantly it is VR ready and compact as well as light weight hence with great portability. It comes with 7th generation Intel Core i7 Processor @3.6GHz, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 8GB GDDR5 & Intel HD Graphics 630, 16GB DDR4 @2400MHz memory, and 330W power supply.

It doesn’t compromise performance for its size for sure.