Hola, everyone! How’s your day going? Today I was browsing YouTube for some great stuff to watch and relax and guess what? I saw a video from our Mumbaikar Nikhil’s channel obviously related to giveaway thing so I finally decided to write an article on this ultimate #VivoBookS15 which will also going to give you an idea about it and share how it will enhance my life doing different tasks. It is none other than #beyondtheedge.

I’ve gone through the specifications and was literally impressed by them. #AsusIndiaLet’s keep everything aside and have a look at this legendary vivobook.


What did you notice first? Display right. Yeah, I love that display. The first thing being a student and a blogger I need the display to be on my main specification list. It not only looks soothing but definitely works for me because my work is to type and see the tiny words being written on it. Although, the bezel is just amazingly small. It gives a wider view.


Coming to the second thing, I like the way it looks and its portability! It is just 3.6 LBS. Wow! I mean that’s great for a 15" Notebook! I can carry it without any struggle.

Battery Life:

Thirdly, I was literally so amazed when I had a look on its specification. It got an 8 Hours battery life but that’s normal what amazed me was that it charges 60% within 49 min. I mean that’s so amazing. I heard about fast charging thing in mobiles but laptop I didn’t. Good Job #AsusIndia. It’s really #BeyondTheEdge. Have a look at another picture of it.

Being a movie junkie, I have to use portable storage to move my content if I travel and this laptop got USB 3.0. I know how fast it is. I know I can copy those movies within seconds.


Wait there’s one more thing about this legendary book, the RAM and SSD. By looking at their specification I was about to imagine it’s speed. It must be lightning fast. You get a whopping 16GB DDR4 RAM in this book and it will obviously help me in Editing Pictures for my blog and coupe with those 50 tabs opened at a time in my browser. That 128GB SSD will surely improve the time of boot. Who don’t need faster laptops? It must be the fastest one ever I will get! Despite being a student I had to carry it to my workplace and we all know siblings are just siblings as no one can replace them. I like the idea of introducing FingerPrint sensor now I’ll be able to get into my laptop much faster and obviously avoid covering my keyboard from my super fast capturing eyes of my siblings!

Now in my free time, I watch movies and play games of course as being a student we do it anyway! #AsusIndia claimed that they featured Impressive Audio in this #VivoBookS15 and I was happy knowing this because currently, I use the external speaker for my laptop. It’s just because my laptop doesn’t sound that loud. While, on the other hand, the game has become just a thing for me as it needs much more things in order to get great Frames Per Second (FPS) ratio.

I’m sure that this #VivoBookS15 would fetch me great FPS in any games I’m going to play. Some of my favourites are Assassin’s Creed series. They used MX150 which is a successor to GeForce 940 series so yeah I will surely get amazing experience playing the games on it as they also have sleek keyboard design.

As you see how smoothly the gaming can be done on it, but wonder how fast will it able to edit videos and photos? Yeah, it will help you get your videos and photos edited faster. The thing here is if you can do something faster the brain will obviously get motivated and you’ll end up finishing the work on time. It is also a fact to get success in life. Cheers!

Overall Features:

Let’s take a look at those features once again

  1. Design/Portability ✔
  2. Performance ✔
  3. Security ✔
  4. Entertainment ✔
  5. Gaming ✔

Are you excited about this new ultimate book then go check them out Asus India and follow them for great deals and amazing stuff like this #VivoBookS15.

Hope you liked my review, thanks for reading and giving your valuable time to me.