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Since, it’s been a while I saw a lot of people actually complaining about their Smartphones battery life. It’s kind of people ideology to always complain about the smartphone manufacturer without actually looking at what’s wrong they are doing that make the battery life degrade so easily!

Let’s take a look at some of the things people do which make their battery degrade very quickly:

  1. Using the third party chargers instead of using the one from the box: If you’re battery has been charged for number of times using an adapter by third party without actually noting down it’s output and input may harm the battery life. Suppose you use higher output chargers and it heats the phone. Heating means life gradually decreases.
  2. Charging the phone only when it reaches below 10% or say even dead: Never make a habit of charging your phone after it dies or reaches below 20%. Li-on battery are the best to charge whenever you get time. Let it be 70% or 95% just charge it and never let it go below 40%. This increases your battery life effectively.
  3. Using and downloading badly coded apps which keeps running the CPU process affecting the battery life: You also need to check out the battery usage panel inside settings or every phone and keep tracking what uses much of the battery life. If it’s an app, please complain or report it about how it consumes battery and uninstall it.
  4. Keeping the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC and so on even if they’re not using it. It is actually a hardware which needs power too. So, they also takes some power to scan continuously for network around: Do you really need Wi-Fi if you’re out of the home? Like how you check your notification, just like that switch off the Wi-Fi while stepping out of the home. Try to keep other features such as NFC, Bluetooth off when not in use.
  5. Using the smartphone for years: If you’ve been using the smartphone for more than 2 years then actually your battery needs a replacement. The Li-on battery usually reaches to 80% of total capacity when a total of 1000 cycles have been done.

Hope it helps you. This are usually the main thing which effect battery life the most. However, there are many other thing to be noted in such cases. 

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