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Actually, I’m starting a new series called “Honest Reviews” of smartphones. Here, I will give my best and totally honest review about the flagships out there. Meanwhile, I can be sarcastic too.

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Let’s start!

Today, we’ll be doing an honest review on the latest flagship by Samsung that is S8. It’s been a long time since its arrival in the market. However, Samsung claims that they sold about 5 Million devices in the first month itself. S8 is indeed a hit.

Some facts about latest Samsung S8:

  • It is one of the expensive phone to produce. IHS Markit states that S8 costs a total of $307.5 to produce per unit while the S7 costs only a mere $250 per unit.
  • Let alone the features of this phone, but the display on it attracts the buyer way more than any other feature.
  • Samsung was about to innovate it’s fingerprint sensor beneath the screen but Synaptics failed to produce it before the Samsung Assembly line.
  • S8 fingerprint sensor placement made user to think before buying it. It is reported that while placing the finger on sensor makes the camera lens smudge. In a while of its official release, there was a trending topic on it’s fingerprint sensor placement.

Some of the best features of the phone:

  • It boasts a 5.8" super AMOLED display. It is indeed gorgeous with 1440x2960 of resolution.
  • It got one of the fastest and latest CPU from Snapdragon which is Snapdragon 835. Unfortunately, it comes only with Chinese and USA models only.
  • 3D Touch Home button and Corning Gorilla Glass 5 protection made it strong enough to hold some falls here and there.
  • 12MP rear camera and 8MP front with the least aperture of 1.7 giving the best low-light shots. It also have an ability of 9MP image recording.
  • Iris Scanner made it more secure alongside with fingerprint. Now keep your device even more secure with your eyes.
  • 3000mAH of battery capacity which is good but not great for that huge and gorgeous display. Anyway, who cares? It got a fast charging 2.0 supported.

Overall Experience [To go with it or not?]

As from my opinion, it is the best device out there. However, the overall experience I can give from 10 is 8.5

  • The only thing bothers me is the device size, it is huge at 5.8". I really can’t look at the pair of jeans in my favorite brand which can hold my S8. It’s was down for many users like me.

  • The another thing is the device is too slippery in hand without any case. I personally don’t like cases.

  • S8 has became a dream for many users when they reveal the prices. It is just overpriced.

  • The speakers on it are average. It should have been better.

Now, it’s all on you! You decide!