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Today, we are going to talk about this infamous browser. Yes, it is underrated even though it has great features such as Battery Saver, Data Saver, Messenger and WhatsApp Web. It is simple and easiest to operate with it’s finest Graphical User Interface (GUI).

Apart from this, the most versatile feature of this browser is that you can actually browse much faster. This feature is known Opera Turbo.  It enable Opera to be super fast while browsing. I love this feature. Opera has been my default browser since I found it out last few months ago.

I must say Good Job Opera! We appreciate it.

Now, let’s come to another service provided for free bundled within this browser. A free VPN service.
Yes, you heard it right. They provide it totally free with server from different countries.

Get Opera Browser now.

Activating VPN in Opera Browser:

  1. Open Opera Browser 
  2. Click on the Opera Logo at the top left corner
  3. Now, click on Settings
  4. On the left, chose Privacy & Security
  5. Check the box which says Enable VPN
  6. VPN will be automatically connected
  7. To confirm that you’re connect visit here.

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