According to the surveys conducted online, many says there is a future ahead in online jobs and earnings. Many started looking for jobs online and dreaming about the earning money easily. But, this is not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires a lot of hard work to reach the audience. Here You will see some of the highest paying Ads network for your blog.

10. Propeller Ads
It is the fastest developing multi ad network. It is one of the best among the choices in all pay per click websites. It let you access entire detailed optimization for each site separately so that you can select best performing Ads campaign. It looks like it deals with CPM based Ad network but actually it is based on several models like CPM, CPA, CPC and CPL. To be honest, this is one of the best Ad Network out there. They currently let you withdraw $100 via Wire Transfer, Payza, and Payoneer.

9. AdHitz
Being a growing advertiser platform but with average performance. They don’t have that huge so called Traffic requirement. Therefore, if you’re left with no option then AdHitz do the best for you. It have lower CPC rates than most PPC networks. Hence, it is being chosen by lesser people compared to other advertising networks. They allow you to withdraw a minimum amount of $25 using PayPal.

8. Media.Net
One of the Ad network introduced by Yahoo and Bing which is powered by It maybe considered as better alternative to AdSense as it’s CPC rates are high and appreciated. It also deals with CPC, CPM, and CPA ads which are based on eRPM. It gained a huge popularity about advertising networks within few year. Didn’t get an approval from AdSense then it’s time to try for it. Advantages of Media.Net is that it provides high quality content based Ads and traffic from premium countries like United States and United Kingdom. The amount withdrawal is limited to a minimum of $250 via PayPal or Wire Transfer.

7. Affinity Ads
This Ads might look good for everyone as it deals with all kind of ways for a publisher to earn more revenue from their blogs or websites. It implements Toolbar, In-text, search suggestions, Gaming Ads, widget and such related type of great implementions. It is an Ad based on CPC, CPM and CPA with better eRPM rates. It is one of the highest revenue sharing upto 95% compared to others. However, a minimum withdrawal $50 can be done via PayPal only.

  1. ExoClick
    A 4th largest web and mobile ad network which mainly provides ads for X-rated, Lifestyle, streaming and file sharing sites. If you got any of the sites related to adult content or file sharing then you have to go for ExoClick. Currently it have over 5 Billion+ daily ad impression. It provide deep targeting data and 20+ different ad format for desktop and mobile. It focus on Banner ads, In-stream video, Popunder, instant message, Interstial and text ads. They also serve ads for your Android Apps.
    You can withdraw $20 using your PayPal, Payoneer and Wire Transfer weekly.

5. Clicksor Ads
Another great advertising network with referral program. It can be an alternative to other in-text based as well as banner Ads. It is based on CPC and CPM ads network however, it has less CPC rates than above sites. But you can earn a whooping 10% revenue from the publisher you referred for ClickSor. It allows you to withdraw a minimum amount of $50 either via check or PayPal.

4. PopAds
Largest Ads network across the internet as it focus mainly on popunder or pop up ads. Hence, named PopAds. This platform is great for those who still didn’t monetize their content yet. They offer $4 RPM according to traffic location which is really good. They also have an anti block Ad feature so that you don’t have to worry about those AdBlockers out there. The best things about PopAds is that you don’t need any type of Approval thingy. Just signup and earn money. There is also less withdrawal limit which is a bonus point. You can withdraw $5 via PayPal and Payoneer with integrated auto withdrawal feature.

3. InfoLinks
Ever saw some of websites with random text from article being highlighted in blue color. That is in-text link based Ads which is here provided by InfoLinks. If you have blog with so much text then it is good for your blog. It also allow to use keyword tag cloud from infolinks on your site. It allows you to earn some revenue from your blog and a bonus point here is that it didn’t cover any spaces so you can place banner based ads from other Ad network to increase your overall earning.
Minimum payout is $50 either via PayPal or Wire Transfer.

2. AdsOptimal
Heard of virtual reality so far? AdsOptimal is a growing multi ads network. It is considered as alternative to other pay per click Ad networks. They offer display ads, page level ads and much advanced like 360 degree Virtual Reality ads which is really amazing in market like VR glasses. They have three different types of publisher ranking such as Bronze, Silver and Gold which is literally based on Quality content, Traffic and so on. According to this factors they provide high RPM premium ads. Minimum withdrawal limit of $50 via PayPal or Check.

1. RevContent
It is the king of Ads network. It almost rejects 98% of websites awaiting approvals. It is currently serving 100 billion content recommendation per month across the earth with 900% growth rate of last year. Rejecting a lot of approval means focusing on publisher network quality than its quantity. This strategy helps RevContent to produce higher revenues, brilliant engagement rates along with loyal audience. Being a part of continuous effort they introduced RevContent v2, which features an intuitive user interface that enables transparent reporting and easier customization of widgets.

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