Hey guys, Guess what?

Today, I have brought you some mindblowing myth going online across the internet through out the world. Some are promoting it as scam, while other confess that they can get you into anyone’s account but you have to pay money before. Of course, that money you paid will be drowned. xD

What’s the myth you’re talking about?

Hacking  Social Media Giants such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and so on.

Why is it a myth?

Let me tell you what’s going on the internet about this and clear them to prove it. First of all, Facebook and such other media are giant networks and they can’t be easily hacked by any source of online website as some of the scammers roaming here and there promoting their website and claiming that they can actually enter into any of the Facebook account using their some so called hacking skills.

Well, this is the not the case how it’s done. Beware of the online website claiming this type of hacks. They just wanted the money you have. There are many reasons people get indulge into them. Some of them have personal issues like peeking on Girlfriends, Wifes, etc. while some have commercial or theft issue such as looking for business strategies and chats to other customer, etc. This all comes into the category of illeagal ain’t it?

However, we end up paying some of the scammer a lot of money and regret it later because they won’t actually gives you any kind of access to any one’s account.

So, you’re telling me that there is no way to get into Facebook and other such Social media but I saw so many people getting in actually to others account and even my account sometime ago. I have experienced it so how can you tell that this type hacks don’t work?

I know some of the poeple here reading this will get this question in mind therefore I decided to write the question and answer it for you guys who come up with that question above.

I believe that Facebook and other social media can be hacked but of course not in a way that I described in myth above. Some of the hackers out there use skill so called “Social Engineering”

Ever heard of it, I must say atleast some of them heard of it while they were searching to hack one. 

Yes, this is the skill used by Hackers. Social Engineering is nothing but making someone fool enough to make him/her do tell us their password to account using a legit way. This includes many ways let me tell you and explain some of those to help you prevent this type of attacks on you.

Social Engineering

  • Phishing

In this scenario, hackers use a legit looking facebook cloned or some other page claiming something really impressive asking for to login via Facebook before getting access to it’s impressive content. This way people provide the Facebook confidential information on that website and eventually gain access but that information goes to hacker and not Facebook. 

To prevent such attack, make sure the site is trusted and secure which will be displayed right beside the link starting. Atleast look if a website is starting from (http/s) to make sure it’s good to go. Also, make sure the website redirects you to Facebook when you click on login via Facebook. It should pop up new window to https://www.facebook.com then you are good to login.

  • Keylogging

In this type of Social Engineering, a keylogger has been installed on a computer you’re using through either a trojan or virus. The source can be anything such as Files you download online, USB Devices you found somewhere or someone gave it to you, DVD’s and so on. This goes inside your computer and sit there logging everything you type even with screen shots. In this way, if you login to any site let it be Facebook, Twitter, Emails, etc. all confidential information is already sent to that hacker who made you installed that keylogger.

To prevent such type of attack, you have to make sure that your Anti Virus databases are up to date. You should have AntiVirus installed on your computer atleast the one that comes with Windows i.e, Windows Defender. It will help you detect it if found in files, USB’s and delete it on the spot to prevent leaking of confidential informaiton. Never pop the USB you found somewhere lying here and there. Put it first on some old PC you ain’t using to check what’s there. If you found something important inside revealing address of person then you should return it.

  • Pretexting

A person comes up and text you. Hey there, I have this or that left by my relatives and all. Now, I’m alone and I can’t take all this stuff myself and will tell you to share your information so that he/she can confirm your identity and give you some property or money.

Someone intelligent get it as soon as possible, as they know that no one in this world is so great like this. I know some of them are but they won’t be searching and texting people online. So, someone ends up giving information they ask and boom they are scammed so easily. They do regret it so much. 

To prevent such stuff, tell them clearly to go and get some legit job. Post on the scammers forum about this message you recieve to help others recognize it as spam. We don’t need this type of people in the world anymore.

I have written this post just for you guys to prevent this stuff and to not regret losing something important from your lives. I hope you have great day learning some stuff here on my blog. Keep coming and enjoy some great piece of information. 

Thanks for your precious time.

Disclaimer: This information is for educational purpose only.