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Are you enjoying the Windows 10 anniversary update but disappointed of the Wi-Fi dropping issue?
I got Windows 10 Anniversary update last week and have been facing this issue. I was very disappointed with this issue and lastly found the solution to it. The issue here is that after using my PC/Laptop for some time and you automatically get Wi-Fi to limited access and then Wi-Fi shows no network found. I had to restart my Laptop to fix this. At last I got this thing fixed and decided to share with you all who have this same problem after updating to Windows 10.

Let’s fix it. Follow the steps given below:

  • Go to Control Panel and search for Device Manager.

  • Now open Device Manager and expand the Network Adapters to find your Wireless Adapter.

  • Now double click on your Wifi Adapter to open it’s properties windows. In properties choose Power Management tab. In that tab uncheck the box to fix the issue.

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