Hola, everyone.

Ever wondered what a keylogger is? It is simple as the name says it.
Keylogger is nothing but a software that will log your keys. Huh, Are you kidding me? How can a software logs a key? Nah, not your house keys but the Keyboard keys.

Keylogger are kind of some spywares around the internet online. It can enter in your system just from any of the simple files format you donwload on regular basis. Some of them are PDF’s, EXE’s, and TORRENT’s.

What does they do?
Keylogger are written such that they can log everything you type that too with screenshots as well as in which program you are typing whether a notepad or a browser. They are highly intelligent to log every single thing and sent it to your mail and even FTP storages.

What are their purposes?
It is mainly used for getting passwords and credential used online and such sensitive information. They also use it for getting ATM number and bank information. They are mostly spread by spammer available online and work as spamming people as their full time job.

How do I prevent them?

  • You have to make sure you have active Anti-Virus installed on your PC/Laptop. Let it be any, but some of the reputed one are Kaspersky, Norton and Microsoft Windows Denfender.
  • Before downloading anything from anywhere, make sure that the website is safe and starts with http or https.
  • Never ignore the browser’s warning, such as Spamming ahead, or Phishing ahead. Phishing is nothing but a counterfeit site of some reputed company’s asking for login information or bank information.
  • Never give out information or open the link shared by stranged claiming this or that.
  • Always keep your AV updated. Because this updates the database of new keyloggers coming so that it can recognises if it comes in your PC.

Can I use them?

Of course, you can. However, it is for educational purpose only. If you’re a parent and need to  log what your childeren’s are doing online or to keep them safe from strangers and such online threats. then you’re free to use them. They are available in paid as well as free. 

Some of them are, KidLogger, Spyrix Keylogger, and so on.

Bonus information:

Is there varities in Keylogger?

Yes, first one is what I mentioned above. The second one is RAT type of keylogger. RAT is a short for Remote Access Trojan. However, it is very rare and is being used by some highly professional spammer and  or by police.

It is type Trojan(Kind of Spyware) which allows Keylogging as well full access to that particular system with Remote Access. For example, you can control everything in that PC and even log webcam to see what’s happening there anonymously. You can also fetch some of the important documents and files from that PC to yours without any physical access. Hence, Named Remote Access Trojan.