Having a cup of coffee in the morning? Some do read the newspapers, but coming up in the new era some just open up their Social sites, isn’t it?

One of those who do read newspapers get the knowledge of what happening around the world correctly because the newspaper before being printed is offcially checked.
In the modern era, we use to open the social sites such as Twitter, FaceBook, Instagram, WhatsApp and so on. You use to catch up the news from there but you never know that it is true or not. You never tends to confirm it because it was forwarded and you’ll forward it too. Meanwhile, the news was not true and being spread like hot pancakes. All our people aorund the world is effected just like this.

So, am I making joke of Social Media?
No, certainly not. I’m just telling you that all things shared by people on the social media aren’t correct but in the newspaper it’s correct.

Are you telling me to leave the Social sites and read newspaper instead?
No, really not.

I said all this to just show the difference between the Quora and other Social sites. Now, just think that newspaper as Quora. Does it make any difference?

Yes, a lot becasuse there is a logic behind it. Quora is, let me explain you. It is social site which basically contains of Questions and Answers. Many people over here are experienced and talented. They answers the questions asked on Quora. It is a real fun and addiction which you don’t have to really care about. You learn lot of stuff here for free that’s too with an experienced people.
Those of you who don’t know what

Those of you thinking maybe I’m sponsored with Quora? xD.
No, I’m just letting you people know about it. Because very less population knows about this useful site compared to FaceBook and other such social media. If the current population of Facebook uses Quora then this world would be so advanced right now that you can’t imagine it really.

According to my experience, I learned a lot by just reading the Questions and their answers by some experienced people. I learned many lifehacks, Solving situations, overcoming the stress, biology and other such science stuff.

I have been on Quora since mid-2015 I giuess. I answered some of the technology and smartphone based answer according to my knowledge. It feels great and the feels of getting views and upvotes by other readers on Quora is difinitely amazing than to get likes and comment on facebook.

I highly recommended you to join Quora and get free knowledge. Spend your time on something that you don’t have to regret it later.

I also recommended to check up my profile on Quora and get signed up. Do read my answers you may like it.

Thanks for reading, Bye!