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Many of the people asked me about buying the Apple iPhone 5S in 2016. Some of the questions were like this…

  • Is it worth buying in 2016?
  • Is it enough fast when compared to flagships released in 2016?
  • Does Apple still provides support for iPhone 5S?

The list goes on….  Let’s come to the real deal!

Yes, it is worth to buy iPhone 5S in 2017.

First of all, you’ll never regret buying it. It is one of the sexiest phone alive. Yes, it is sexy even though it is only 4" and weighs around 135 grams! The polished black Space Grey, Snow flakes Silver, and the Matte Golden are all beautifully crafted. It also performs well on racetrack with other major flagships!

Why is it worth buying in 2017?

Well, it is worth buying in 2017 because of the following reasons:

  1. Splendid performance and never lags! Yes, it has only 1GB of RAM and it manage the processes so great than it will give you liquid smooth experience. The main reason behind this goes to iOS itself, the world’s best operating system claimed by Apple. Yet it is!
  2. Battery capacity is just around 1500Mah. But, don’t worry it gives you full day backup with over 10 hours of 3G talktime and 255 hours of standby time. It has a wonderful battery that gives you sufficient charge throughout the day.
  3. There are like billions of Application on AppStore. There’s no way you can’t find an App to do something on the iPhone. 
  4. Amazing fingerprint sensors located just beneath the home button. Faster than you think. Yup, just press the home button and you’re in. Feels like you haven’t kept any security on Lock Screen. ;p
  5. Gaming on this device is pretty stable and gives great experience. Major games like Asphalt 8, Infinity 3 and Real Racing 3 works just fine and smooth. No Lags at all. Anyway, this games can be battery hog for your iPhone!
  6. Camera is more than awesome. Pretty stable low light photography. Slow motion capturing is just as smooth as silk. Video recording and focus are all good. Although it just have 8MP rear shooter. While on the front it got 1.2MP shooter and it shoots great pictures. Low light pictures can be grainy. 
  7. The microphone located between the LED flash and Camera lacks a bit clarity while recording video. However, the microphone used for calling is awesome with noise cancellation. 

Do you need more reasons for buying it in 2017?

Well, here you go. It is now much cheaper and affordable. It is made up of high quality material and possess great specification which doesn’t make you feel like you’re using an outdated phone. Trust me, buy it and never regret anymore.

One more, it got a silent switch on the side. Ever went to meeting without putting your phone on silent and now worried to unlock your phone and put it on silent. Now nevermind, just slide it and your phone is on silent!