Welcome back to Emad’s blog. Today in this article, we’re actually going to discuss the various techniques of starting a blog and let you help in choosing a blogging platform from many available out there. We’ll also cover how we are going to achieve a huge traffic in less time on our new blog.

Blogging is a skill which doesn’t require much knowledge or degree. It just needs your interest and some tactics to deal with people online. Many of the traffic comes to blog through a giant Search Engine called “Google”. There are also many ways to get traffic on your blog.

Let’s cover everything up to step by step!

Starting a blog and choosing suitable Blogging platform:

Choosing a suitable blogging platform and starting a new blog can be tricky many times. Sometimes many people are unable to decide which to go for. But, many people of course who are the noob/beginner to blogging needs a completely understandable User Interface as well as its settings. No one wants a complicated one. So, I’m going to list the easiest and most pleasant blogging platform.

Blogger is one of the best and easiest blogging platform to start with. It has a great User Interface as well as integrated with some Google features such as Google Adsense, Google Adwords, etc. It is also free but with a subdomain at the end of your Blog URL. For example, xyz is your blog name then it will be like this, xyz.blogspot.com instead of xyz.com

You can always sign up for blogger using your current Google Mail or GMail. It is completely free, so first setup your blog, post regularly and make yourself comfortable with it. Later, you can always buy your own domain as low as $1 and feel free to redirect the blog to your own custom domain. By doing this, your blog will look like this, xyz.com instead of xyz.blogspot.com

Getting traffic on your blog:

There is no way to get traffic fast on your blog. It’s all about the matter of time. It depends on various things and it is covered in the list given below.

  • Post Quality and Quantity.

No one ever wants to read the whole pages of bullshit writing. In today’s world, you need to keep the post short as well as attractive and interesting. It should be based on what the title says. Don’t go to the foolish topics other than what title says. Long story short, Keep it simple and beautiful.

  • Using Social Media to promote your blog.

You can always share your blog with friends and family. Now, even with strangers in search of your posts via Social Media. You can target a huge traffic using Social Media sources like Quora, FaceBook, Twitter and Linkedin. It always works and generates traffic like a boss.