Hola Guys! What going on everybody it’s 3M4D with another post!

Good Morning! You opened your YouTube account and you saw this robot face on the left? Why?

#1. Avoiding Copyright Claim on your videos is to never use a copyrighted video without the permission of the owner. Let it be the video or audio. Always use the NCS music in your videos. If you ever wonder what is NCS, it is short form for Non Copyright Sounds. If you use any of the NCS release of the song in your video then YouTube can’t put that robot on your video.

#2. Avoid copying other YouTuber metadata, Titles, and descriptions. You may end  up annoying that YouTuber or they may claim your video. If you think, you can get same rank as his by putting his video title, metadata, and description then you’re totally wrong. Avoid it and choose yourself a unique one. However, if you’re new it may take time to get traffic to your video and your video title and description must be eye catching to viewers!

#3. Don’t keep on uploading videos regularly if you’ve 100 or 300 views and so on till 2k to 4k. It will never increase your views neither subscriber. It will just be in the range of views of whatever videos you’ve uploaded before. You can always head to the same YouTuber, like If you have a gaming channel with 20-40 subscriber and other YouTuber gaming channel with 10k-15k subscriber. Head to them and ask if he can play with you online and record a gameplay with you and give your Channel name in his video Description. It is a kind of shoutout and increases your channel views and subscriber.

#4. Don’t try to upload a video that is of the low quality either video or audio. Just don’t upload a low quality video on YouTube. You may end up getting much dislikes and some irritating comments which will result you in poor interest in YouTube. Use a Camera for shooting and Microphone for Audio. Use great quality software for recording screen and gameplays. Make your video premium and eventually you’re channel will be premium as well.

#5. Never buy a traffic to your channel. Say no to PAID traffic. Always try to get organic traffic and it is much wiser. Organic traffic always stays with you.