Hi Everyone! How’s it going?

Have you ever wonder unlocking your router to pop in the other sim card of different operator?
Well, Today I’ll show you how it’s done. Make sure you have access to this things:

1. Any 3G/4G Huawei Router
2. Internet Access for downloading
3. Another operator SIM Card
3. FMC Unlocker
4. Universal Master Code

Note: Adf.ly is not used for spamming here. It is just for the blog support.

1. Put your another operator SIM inside router
2. Plug in your router with ethernet cable or USB cable if portable router.
3. Open Universal Master Code and generate the unlock code for your connected router.
4. Open FMC Unlocker and let it detect your router model and paste in the code obtained in step 2.

After a couple of minutes, router will restart and boom you should get signal from another operator sim. Now all you have to do is setup the router and configuration of SIM in order to access the internet from it.