Hey, What’s up everyone!

Today, I’m here with the new post about speeding up your Android phone.

I’m going to share some tips and trick to actually boost your phone without any Cleaner/Booster. This boosters pretends that they actually are cleaning your phone and they does it but they themselves take more RAM to run their service in background and eventually slows your device.

How to speed up:

  • Delete all the useless Apps, that is remove all sort of bloatware. It includes unnecessary browsers and so on. Some bloatware cannot be remove because they are installed in system App. Therefore, rooting your device helps to remove them. Rooting your device actually helps a lot and speed up phone, but people keep on thinking that it may ruin the phone or it may get exposed to virus.

  • Give the phone a whole clean reset every year and give the battery a change after about you reach 1000 recharge cycles. You can maintain an App for checking the recharge cycles.

  • Maintain a good regular routine of using smartphone with Mobile Data enabled. Use Wi-Fi whenever possible. When Data is enable with a low signal, the phone heats up and the component inside may get damaged.

  • If all else fail or doesn’t meet your speed requirement then you should give a try to Custom ROMs out there. They are splendid and faster than the original Android. They are free of bloatwares with root access and even more customizing options. Some of the great Custom ROM websites are given below.


Novafusion (S3 mini)


Resurrection Remix

Bye guys. See you at the next post!