Are you facing the issue after rooting your Asus FonePad 7 k012 or Is your device bricked and you cannot boot it again? No worries, I got a fix and it will unbrick Asus fonepad7 (k012) and boot it up instantly.

Keep reading until your device is ready to use once again.

Update 1 (Feb 17, 2022): All Links in this post has been rectified.

My Story, What Made My FonePad To Get Bricked?

I’ve a story to tell you what happened with my device so that you can get an idea. If you need to ignore my story then go below for a tutorial on how to fix it.

Hence, a couple days later I decided to format it and I came to know that there was no recovery installed and I was on the latest Asus Firmware which Android 5.0 LolliPop.

Therefore, I boot it in Fastboot mode and formatted it. I erased Cache, Data, UserData, and System without actually realizing that you can’t flash ROM again without recovery.

Then I keep on searching how to flash it without recovery or just by using fastboot. I can’t even flash it using Fastboot as it returned with some errors.

Fortunately, I got a solution which probably worked without a problem. I know there was no such good post about this issue.

XDA has many threads including this issue but XDA don’t let me post a comment telling me some bullshit that account must be verified or old in order to comment.

I got a blog lying around and decided to post an article perfectly written solving this issue for you guys facing the same problem.

You can thank me by sharing article around so that all get to know and fix it or say let Google know and index it properly in their giant search engine.

How to fix this issue? 

Disclaimer: I’m not responsible for anything happening to your device. At best I can help you if you contact me. You should follow all the steps carefully and do it on your own risk.

Issue: You Bricked Your Asus FonePad 7 (k012) and In this case, you might be getting a USB logo flashing when you power on your device and then your device powers off immediately again. You can only access the Fastboot menu as of now.

Things You need:

1. A Laptop or a PC
2. Asus USB Driver
3. Asus ADB and Fastboot
4. Temporary CWM Recovery for Intel devices
5. Asus Firmware depending on you. I prefer the latest version on their website.

Steps to install Temporary CWM Recovery on your Asus FonePad 7:

  1. Install the given Asus USB drivers in your PC/Laptop.
  2. Download and extract the Temporary CWM Recovery for Intel devices.
  3. After extracting, open the folder you in which you extracted and from that folder open Launcher.bat
  4. A Command Prompt opens and you need to type in ACCEPT and then press T2
  5. The CWM recovery is now installed on your Asus FonePad 7

Steps to copy and flash the firmware on your Asus FonePad 7:

  1. Download the firmware for your device. (Links are given above in You Need section)
  2. On your Asus device, boot to CWM recovery and then go to “Mount and Storage” and mount Data in order to copy firmware to the device.
  3. Open ADB and run the command adb devices to verify your device is being recognized
  4. After verifying, copy the firmware using the command “adb push /sdcard”. Run this command without quotation.
  5. After copying, back to your device check for Install ZIP in CWM Recovery and select it. After this, select Install from SD Card and choose ZIP file you copied to the device in step 4
  6. Your FonePad 7 is successfully flashed and now working again. You’ve successfully unbrick Asus FonePad7 K012

I hope that it helped you. I value your feedback, therefore, please take your time to comment on how I can improve.If you have ideas, please share it with us. I am also willing to help you fix the above issue if you personally contact me.You can find my social media link on the homepage of my blog. Sharing is Caring. Hope you care! 

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