Hi guys! Welcome back once again. It’s 3M4d here.

So, recently a news came up with the headlines that the Imo and other messengers have been blocked. Before Skype, and Viber was blocked. The main reason for blocking Imo in Saudi Arabia was because of the loss of Telecom operators in Kingdom.

However, they said that the i.mo messenger doesn’t meet the CITC regulations. Hence, blocked.

i.mo is currently blocked on several network operators:

  1. Saudi Telecom Company (STC)
  2. Zain SA
  3. FriendiMobile

Let me know for Mobily in the comment down below of this post.


  • The main way to unblock the i.mo messenger is to switch the country using VPN [Virtual Private Network]. Hence it give access to the server of i.mo messenger.

Download Link for VPN app: SuperVPN

This VPN is tested and currently working in Saudi Arabia for free. However, BetterNet VPN is now not working anymore. 

Enjoy talking to your friend and family once more. As soon as this way is blocked, we will sure update the blog showing you a new way. Comment down below and let me know if it’s working for you. Thanks!