Are you looking to block Clash Of Clans (COC) on your Wi-Fi Router? I’m here with a tutorial on it.

After getting fed up of telling my siblings to get away from Clash of Clans, I got an idea of, why not I should consider blocking the game itself.

I, myself decided to block the ports of Clash of Clans that usually used to load the game. So after blocking the port, COC just won’t even load. A bonus point here. They will never know it because you just stop the game from loading it.

Clash of Clans is a popular strategy game among students & teenagers. Some of them are so much into the game that they even spend money on the game to upgrade the things inside the game. 

Steps To Block COC Ports In Router:

  1. Access your default router gateway to get into the router settings. Usually, the gateway for most of the routers is at
  2. Use the default username and password for your router model and access the settings page. You can find all default username and passwords here.
  3. Go to Restriction Page in the routers settings. All routers have different settings options. You need to search for it. If not, simply look for _Port Filter_Instead.
  4. Once inside the _Port FIlter_settings, add TCP Ports ranging from 9339 ~ 9339.
  5. After adding the port successfully, reboot the router and the game should stop loading.


  • You learned to block TCP ports 9339 - 9339 which the game COC uses to load it.
  • It prevents or hangs the game forever at the loading page itself.

If you like the tutorial, leave the comment below about the excuses you made when your family members approach you to look at their COC issues.

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