Hey there! Have you been searching for extending range with WR841N/D or wanna just experience custom fimrware?!

Well, then you are at the right place.

As you might already know that DD-WRT official website have a support till the v8 of hardware version of your router!

Look at here :p

Now let’s see how we can get this firmware on our router with hardware version 9 & 10!

1. Click here to go their website

2. Under the support choose the Other Downloads tab

3. Now from the plenty of folders provided go to betas folder.

4. Now in betas folder, go to choose the latest year that is              2016 as per this blog!

5. Now choose the latest date as per this blog it is 02-05-2016     r29048  [r = revision]

6. Now choose your version as per me it is v10 and for you           guys it may be 3.x to 10.x.

Download link for v10 : Factory to ddwrt.bin / webflash.bin

Download link for v9 : Factory to ddwrt.bin/ webflash.bin

Disclaimer: This guide is to be followed for specified hardware                           version and router as well. I’m not responsible for                             router brick!

Please refer to the guides available on internet to install DDWRT!

Thank you!